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Fool's Return by Lynda ChervilWhen Gabrielle, a venture capitalist who feels trapped in her job and marriage, takes a business trip to scenic Castine, Maine, little does she expect to meet an eccentric fortune teller, feel an inexplicable connection to an enigmatic man or confront business sabotage, flashbacks from a past life, and a web of karma that will not let her leave the town without learning the lesson of two lives. Fool’s Return is visionary and metaphysical fiction that eschews a plot involving dark fantasies and fantastical elements, in favor of augmenting realism with new-age spirituality as the central theme; emphasizing our limitless potential and offers a vision of humanity as we dream it could be through cutting-edge energy technology.

4-out-of-5-StarsFool’s Return balances an enchanting tale of romance and magic with a thoughtful look at pressing economic and environmental issues. Green technology is a topic seldom handled with a light touch, but Chervil manages to do just that in an entertaining story that delivers an uplifting message about personal power in the face of systemic crisis.” 

Sheila M. Trask
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